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Trains 160: N scale model railroading

For more than ten years, I have been trying to bring together on my site a selection of the most representative N-scale models of the French railway landscape from era II to the present day.

I also bring my support to all the new craftsmen who are interested in this scale (TJ Models, R3M,..) and I will continue to do so. At the same time, I developed my own range of rolling stock with two-time award-winning Romilly coaches, two-time award-winning Gass covered bogie wagons, 2020 award-winning EVS wagons, and a range of exclusive accessories. made with JPPENNATI. I will continue my efforts in this direction with the concern for quality and originality that drives me, and I hope to soon offer you the first Trains160 engine material. Finally, the consignment store, whose success is undeniable, only offers quality equipment that I have selected and that I guarantee. I give you an appointment by email, by phone or at one of the exhibitions in which I participate (Orléans, Railexpo, Trainsmania, Sedan, St Mandé, etc.).