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141 R 1244 Arnold
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La 141 R 1244, locomotive préservée en Suisse, est maintenant disponible en version analogique (numérisable) et numérique sonorisée.
Vossloh DE 18 Hobbytrain
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Also visible at Fédérail on stand HOBBY 66, the prototype of the brand new Vossloh DE 18 soon to be offered by Hobbytrain.
CC 14000 and 14100 Arnold
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Seen at Fédérail on the HOBBY 66 stand, a fairly successful prototype of the future CC 14000 and 14100 SNCF Arnold.
Railcar X 3800 SNCF
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The first series of Picasso is finally available for analog versions.
Spring novelties
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After Fleischmann's electric locomotives, it's Arnold and Minitrix's turn to return to the time of steam by offering CIWL coach sets and the 141 R 1173 fuel with Mistral plate, and a 150 X 6 with sound ( announced in 2021!).