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Our partners in model railroading

-http://www.amf87.fr: it's not N but Christophe is a neighbor who has a prolific quality production and who, like me, has a predilection for material from the North region

- http://www.1zu160.net: all the international information concerning the N scale, essential but in German!

- http://www.lillemodelisme.fr/: my Lille club without which I would never have started Trains160

- http://pagesperso-orange.fr/christophe.phulpin/accueil_train.htm: Christophe is a friend who lists all SNCF and CIWL production on the N scale and who produces beautiful metal kits, especially rare materials not reproduced by manufacturers

- http://www.afan.fr: essential to follow the news and know the history of N in France: products, standards, clubs, etc....

- http://www.espacetrain.com: railway news in all its forms (real train and model making)

- http://jobiwan.over-blog.fr: Jobiwan's site, a friend from my Lille club who, like a real "train spotter" of modern equipment, regales us with photos and videos of rare quality .

- http://jppennati.com: A long-time N scale craftsman who responded when I told him about the compliant end railing project for the BB 66000 Piko.

- http://www.trainslag.fr: This is the site of a client who has decided to take the plunge by offering top-of-the-range model making on an HO scale. I wish him good luck in his business.

- If there is an essential site for railway history enthusiasts, it is that of La Vie du Rail which regularly offers us interesting and very well documented works: http://www.laviedurail.com / http: //www.boutiquedelaviedurail.com - www.lestrainsdelademilune.com: the site of a client who created a family board game inspired by the railway called "Les trains de la demi-lune".