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New product and vacations
After the TA-60/ TA-260 and the TA-52 wagons that made its reputation, Trenmilitaria did it again with the new TA-283 wagon which is a more recent development of the TA-260 wagon, but that can be used with them. As usually, Trenmilitaria proposes this model as a kit version in arcap and as a ready to run version in the STVA light grey livery for era V. Furthermore, note that we will be closed for one week as from August 12th and the orders registered from now will be sent as from Monday 21st.More
Summer new products
No break for new SNCF N scale products during the summer period : after the very pretty Mikadotrain/REE short DEV A0 cars (19 still available numbers), Minitrix has at last delivered the CC 6520 locomotive in the original Arzens concrete grey and livery with Capitole signs. After the BB 67498, it is the second SNCF locomotive proposed this year by Minitrix but the two sets of Grand Confort cars planned with the CC 6520 keep waiting. Note also the very interesting sales on some Fleischmann SNCF items : BB 22000 in Fret and phantom liveries, pocket wagon with CNC container and one "thunder box" car. Note finally that there are still a few pieces of the Mikadotrain/REE X 2800 railcars in cream livery with cream roof and red roof but it is soon the end.More
Sudexpress Euro 4000
Among the new products that have been shown on the successfull Trainsmania exhibition, the Euro 4000 loco by Sudexpress were very expected. The new model which is deliverable in two analog versions with NEM 651 digital interface, one VFLI version with the number 4017 and one Europorte version with the number E4004, is impressive by its length, its high level of details and its weight, guarantee of good motor function. However, there must have been a slip in the plant for the two front ends are fitted with the different pipes and the original coupling, what doesn't allow to fit a NEM coupler which wasn't anyway delivered in the box. The couplers bags have been since send apart by the importer but it doesn't look good for an engine that is able in theory to pull a heavy train of freight wagons. It is the same for the instructions sheet undelivered in the box and that must be downloaded on the French importer REE Modèles website. Don't follow the instructions sheet if you need to remove the body in order to fit a decoder because more you spread the body sides, more the body is blocked by the both ends. You just have to spread lightly the sides with your nail and the chassis must go down by itself at risk of brakeages of chassis and sandboxes ducts or footsteps fitted on the boggies. A little regret for a model sold more then € 200, the handrails are engraved and painted on the body but not added as a metal part as done on other models. The two wipers must be fitted by the owner but once fitted, you must not put the loco in its box (QED).More

New products