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Mabar : the A1A A1A 68000 comeback
More than 5 years after the first models that caused a sensation when they appeared, Mabar proposes again three new versions of these very handsome diesel engines : the 68007 in GRG diesel blue livery with plates for era IV and V for those who missed the first models or want to complete their fleet with another number, the 68012 and 68503 in original form with panoramic windows, unreinforced cabin, two singles lights and aluminium beautifiers which are totally new and correspond with the era IIIc (as from 1963) and era IV. Cautious, the models are limited edition : 150 pieces for the 68007, and 200 pieces for each 68012 and 68503.More
MIKADOTRAIN/REE : French coaches in 2017
After X 2800 railcars that have been developed in almost all possible versions and before the RGP1railcar that should cause sensation, the MIKADOTRAIN/REE partnership will propose on Spring 2017 new French coaches that will delight fans of era III and era IV : - the B10 U50 DEV AO (ordinary steel) short coach in 9 different numbers of either single coach or set of 2 coaches for the 1st serial, - the 21,60 meters OCEM postal coach of two different types in 8 numbers of either single coach or set o 2 different coaches for the 1st serial. The DEV short coaches proposed by Lima in the 80's, then overtaken by Arnold, are well known by N scale connoisseurs but they are quite different from this B10 U50 (for part of 1950) for their body owns 8 windows (A8, B8 and A3B5) or 9 windows (B9c9 couchettes). Well the C10, that became B10 when the 3rd class was cancelled in 1956, was from far the most spread and the most used at the era IIIa steam era. This model fills therefore a real gap and the prototypes shown in Chartre and in Orléans outclass the Arnold models in regard to details and engraving sharpness. To tell that the 21,60 meters OCEM postal coaches were waited for at N scale is an understatement. Whereas they have been produced at HO scale by more than 4 producers, N fans must content themselves with the only model produced as kit form by the French craftsman CARMINA in the 80's and the 90's, hence a high price for a well assembled model that was rather difficult to find. How was it possible to form an Express train of era III and IV without these emblematic coaches that were used in all the SNCF Regions and with all the means of traction ? So we have to congratulate the producer to take up this challenge because classical passenger cars sell always more than specialized cars but regarding the quality of prototypes, these models should be a success. All the numbers described in the detailed part can be already reserved by a single email.    More
Come back from Orléans
I would like to thank the AMFC team and André PINAT always vigorous for this superb exhibition where N scale was one more time well highlighted. Therefore, the attending producers had brought promising prototypes and the end of 2016 as well as 2017 will be rich of interesting new products : - the X 2800 railcars in original versions by Mikadotrain/REE with a little delay due to administrative formalities on November and December 2016, - the three new A1A A1A 68000 by Mabar with the 68007 in GRG version for era IV/V (Chalindrey), the 68012 (Caen) and the 68503 (Chalindrey) in original version for era IIIc (cautious, small series) on December 2016, - the first two runs of the SNCF Gas covered wagons with boggies by Trains160 on December 2016 and February 2017, - the Euro 4000 locos in Europorte and VFLI liveries by Sud Express on December 2016, - the Habils long wagons with boggies by LS Models on Spring 2017, - the first run of the OCEM 21 meters postal vans and the B10 short DEV coaches by Mikadotrain/REE on Spring 2017, - by Trix, the CC 6520 loco and two sets of Grand Confort in Trans Europ Express light grey livery for era IV on December 2016 and the BB 67400 loco in original diesel blue livery with plates for era IV on the first three months of 2017, - the BB 300, BB 900, BB 4100, BB 4200, BB 4600 and BB 4700 locos in different numbers by HOBBY 66 on June 2017,  - the totally new Reseau TGV on the end of 2017 and the Eurostar in new livery on December 2016 by Kato, - the TA 283 cars transport wagons by Tren Militaria in kit form on the first semester of 2017, - and other interesting new products that will be announced on the next Nurnberg Toy Fair at the end of January 2017. You will have the possibility to reserve all these models by sending us a single email.  More

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