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  • Federal and holidays
    Published on : 06/17/2022 15:22:48

    I would be pleased to welcome you to my stand on the occasion of the Fédérail 2022 exhibition which will take place on June 25 and 26 at the Parc des Expositions in the Vendée town of Les He [...]

  • Arnold DEV 66 platform wagon
    Published on : 03/16/2022 18:10:33

    The first Arnold DEV 66 platform wagons should arrive soon if we consider the photo of this pre-production model. What to create pretty TAC trains with the already proposed T2 coaches.

  • Fleischmann SNCF BB 26227 Multiservices
    Published on : 03/5/2022 10:46:16

    After the very successful "nez cassés" locomotives, except the pantographs inversion on the BB 22347 and the roof wrong colour on the BB 7306, Fleischmann was very closed to reach again a [...]

  • Salon ferroviaire à Lille
    Published on : 02/26/2022 12:32:35

    As in 2020, Lille Modélisme will organize its Modeltrain exhibition the week-end of March 19th and 20th in the beautiful "salle du gymnase" (7, place Sébastopol in Lille) that you can reach by f [...]

  • X 3800 railcars : first bodies
    Published on : 02/12/2022 11:12:27

    We have received the first injected parts from the molds of our next "Picasso" railcars. The bodies are very fine with an impressive numbers of detail parts. It still lacks the metal parts : [...]

  • Fleischmann novelties
    Published on : 01/14/2022 15:55:01

    Following the Nürnberg fair cancellation, all the producers are going to announce their program for 2022 before end of January. It is the case for Fleischmann that just unveiled its first new [...]

  • Arnold novelties 2022
    Published on : 12/30/2021 18:15:02

    Arnold has already announced its program for 2022 with the SNCF CC 14000 and 14100 locomotives in era III and IV liveries as leading new products. To note also the new DEV A0 A9, B10 and B10c10 [...]

  • Best wishes !
    Published on : 12/24/2021 09:05:17

    I wish you as well as your relatives an happy new year !

  • New Fleischmann BB 7200 and 22000
    Published on : 12/9/2021 09:38:13

    The new Fleischmann "nez cassé" locomotives are deliverable from this week and they are totally new models and not a simple modification of the existing model that has been sold for the first [...]

  • Railexpo feedback
    Published on : 12/1/2021 10:25:24

    Railexpo has closed the door after 3 days with a nice attendance. It was a risky bet with the change of place, the death in February 2021 of the historic organiser, Jean-Claude GRANCHER, and the [...]

  • Novelties Trains160 to reserve
    Published on : 09/25/2021 20:01:06

    After more than one year late partly because of pandemic, we can at last announce the commercialisation of the first Trains160 motorized model. It will be the famous X 3800 railcar so called [...]

  • Minitrix novelties
    Published on : 05/31/2021 16:18:44

    After a rather quiet first term, Minitrix got the ball rolling with not less than 4 new items from April to May : one SNCF BB 67400 locomotive in digital sound version, one SNCF BB 67400 in [...]

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