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New wagons
For Christmas, you will have the choice between the Trains160 new wagons and the Arnold new wagons. As a matter of fact, all the other products planned for December are postponed, as the REE/Mikadotrain RGP1 2nd serie. The first edition of our EVS wagons includes four sets of 2 wagons with liveries for era IV and one set of 2 wagons with livery for era V. Replacement buffers and detail parts to complete the wagon ends when the coupler isn't used are joined in the box. By Arnold, all the SNCF isolated tank wagons are available this week. These wagons are really new and the sulfur version (HN6393) is very interesting.More
Voitures couchettes Lunea PIKO
After the set of two VTU cars in Carmillon livery last year, the PIKO French importer T2m proposes us this time one set of two Corail couchettes cars in the Lunea livery for era VI. This set includes one 1st class car and one 2nd class car with high colour and the footsteps which are typical of the VU cars are present on the chassis. What to hope for 2020 that T2M plans other versions and a rerun of the VU cars with conform chassis.More
Mikadotrain/REE EAD railcar : astonishing !
Those who had the opportunity to visit the Chambéry modeltrain exhibition this week-end have got the nice surprise to discover the Mikadotrain/REE pre-production EAD railcars in original version and they haven't been disappointed. The producer N gauge leader, Patrick BOURGOIN, told me that there were still some painting corrections but when we see the picture of this model on a beautiful layout, it is very difficult to know that it is a matter of N scale. The four items that are planned for delivery on February 2020 can always been reserved by a single mail, and this time, cross my heart, the sound decoders will be available at the same time as the railcars....More

PIKO BB 66000 : the comeback - 09/27/2019 15:11:45

PIKO BB 66000 : the comeback

It is a legendary model of SNCF N gauge that is again available. The BB 66000 taht has been proposed by PIKO in numerous versions contributed widely to the revival of N gauge in France in 2009. After several requests towards the PIKO importer, a new version of this omnipresent locomotive on the French tracks from 60's to modern era. This BB 66028 in king blue livery with yellow stripes corresponds to the era IIId (from 1962 to around 1968). In comparison to the previous models with the same livery, It innovates through a beautiful printing and attractive red plates. Otherwise, the features of the model are unchanged : metal bonnets, fine metal handrails, two drinving boggies,... Only its price has really changed by being on trend. if this model is successful, we can expect in next future a diesel blue version with plates with a longer period of use (era IIId and IV) and a really new version in simplified diesel blue livery with Casquette logo as previously announced by PIKO but never realized.