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Novelties Trains160 to reserve
After more than one year late partly because of pandemic, we can at last announce the commercialisation of the first Trains160 motorized model. It will be the famous X 3800 railcar so called 'Picasso' in different versions and liveries from original ones to the last reform ones. This totally new model will be fitted with a Next18 digital interface, inversion of white and red lights and interior lighting by leds. Digital sound versions will be also available. We hope to be able to show you a 3D printed body on the Chambéry exhibition end October and on the Railexpo exhibition in Dreux end November. Following the important prices increase recently announced by Hornby, we invite our customers who have reserved one or several Arnold 141 R locomotive(s) to take the new prices in consideration and to confirm or disconfirm their reservation(s) by sending us a new email. As a matter of fact, such an increase cannot be absorbed by our company and we are compelled to apply it but we quite understand that some of our customers cannot maintain their reservation(s) at these levels of price. Note that the price of other Arnold novelties expected before the end of the year or in 2022 increased baout 10%.More
Minitrix novelties
After a rather quiet first term, Minitrix got the ball rolling with not less than 4 new items from April to May : one SNCF BB 67400 locomotive in digital sound version, one SNCF BB 67400 in Capitole livery, one set of 3 UIC coaches in C160 livery for era IV and one set of two UIC slumber coaches, one with low roof and one with high roof. Unfortunately, the digital sound BB 67400 is already sold out by Trix but can be found by some exotic dealers.... Futhermore, the set of two  SNCF Habils wagons (with one Kronembourg livery) expected by Hobbytrain in 2020 is available since a few weeks. The new Thalys in the last livery is planned for June. Expected in June are the Mikadotrain/REE short ANF tank wagons and perhaps the first Arnold novelties for deliveries are starting again this week (blocked since 15/12/2020). Our third serie of EVS wagons should be in sight too but there is no hurry for we have still quantities in stock about the first series.More
New products for sale
I am proud to inform you that we now distribute the motorising kits by the Dutch company and the scnery products of the French company Fournitures & Réalisations. The first producer proposes a large range of motorising kits for old locomotives whose the replacement motor isn't available or that is very expensive. The kits are complete including a coreless motor, one or two adaptation tubes, bearings and a gear if necessary. We can propose the installation of these kits in your locomotives against an extracharge. The second producer isn't a new one but it proposes a large range of scenery products for N gauge (track structures, ballasts, flocks, grass fibers, ...)  that complements the CMS Décor and Polak ranges that we already distribute.More